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3269 Utrecht Manifest (Bienniale for Social Design), source 2013
commissioned by: Stichting Utrecht Biënnale

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3269 Utrecht Manifest

Cheap Xanax Online Utrecht Manifest is a bi-annual cultural event in and around the city of Utrecht. The fourth edition of Utrecht Manifest is under the artistic direction of Studio Makkink & Bey in collaboration with Ester van de Wiel, Sophie Krier, Erik Wong and Christel Vesters. The central theme for this edition of Utrecht Manifest is the potential of ‘the working landscape’ as a model for development in our inner cities. In many cities, including the area of Hoograven in Utrecht, industry is vanishing from the urban fabric in order  to make way, for instance, for a new apartment complex.

Buy Xanax Bar Simultaneously, our employment market and the nature of our work are changing dramatically. These shifts have profound effects on the social and economic and, thus, the social structures within our communities. But how does a city develop a framework which anticipates this new environment? How do we create an urban landscape; a landscape which is alive, knowledgeable and productive?

Cheap Alprazolam Online ‘The New Work Landscape’ proposes bringing industriousness – ranging from traditional production processes to ultra-tech flex-workers – back to the streets again. Based on four projects the New Work Landscape investigates the significance of this model, for example, on social cohesion, sustainable interpretation of our mobility issues, economic sustainability, and new ways of conveying knowledge and skills.

Buy Valium Legally This theme will allow Utrecht Manifest 2011 to place design in the heart of a socio-economic (and) process of social change.