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Ballad of perspectives

by artist Klaske Oenema

An essay in the form of a song, in which artist Klaske Oenema describes her experience with the unique approach of Makkink & Bey to projects in the field of design and art. Central are her experiences during the GastGastGeber project for Studio Makkink&Bey in 2010 RUHR.



In the tower at the station at the end of the stairs
There’s a chair and a table, a bed folds from the wall
The wood was light like Sunday morning on the soul
Bright woollen blankets forever signs of home

A waiting invitation to a conference call
A link to a presentation and network to take form
They dropped a mike down the well to record my song
I felt lighter than before
when I walked outside, I was lighter than before

Men were drinking on the benches in the dark
The station clock was ticking, the bakery had closed
It was Google translations that told me to get lost
In inclination with an unknown cause
No, I was not on online

Don’t discuss the progress in terms of success
Don’t talk about the goal in terms of what you expect
Go with what is coming, move away from what is not
Everything is given, nothing on demand
Can’t you see she is standing still
When you talk like that things come to a standstill

Sweep the farmyard into the designer’s room
Come carry in your boots, carry in the cat, carry in the basket
Carrying your tools, carry the cupboard, come carrying the land
Call from the airport carrying your bag
Walk through the crowd to an unknown song
Walking lighter than before
Lighter than before


Klaske Oenema is a multimedia artist and writer. She studied Dutch language and literature in Groningen and graduated in 2006 from the Rietveld Academy, department of Beeld en Taal. Her work consists mainly of performances and short films made out of shadow play and sound. The voice and singing in general play a central role in her work. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

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3043 &Route

The masterplan &Route presents a leading and innovative vision on recreation and tourism in the Gelderse River landscape.

The &Route is an art piece under construction with a length of app. 100 km in which landscape & cultural history & farmers & fortresses & nature & land owners & horses & organic fruit jam & water works & people & the weather & art projects & orchards & a lot more are being connected.

The & in &Route symbolizes the network of intersections that extend themselves like circles in the area and connect to existing routes and new initiatives.

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9990 Reception of the studio (Photo by Roel van Tour), 2007
3243 The Cabin Seat presented at Galleria Nilufar Milano, 2010
1001 Empty studio before moving to a new place, 2007
3332 Still of the movie made for Autonië, 2014
8411 Reference image for the SuperLandEscapes Exhibition, 2017